Engage your Visitors with an Animated Explainer Video

Your homepage is the one chance to make a great first impression for visitors that come to your website looking for a solution. Explainer videos are perfect for grabbing your audience’s attention, clearly explaining your purpose and motivating a call to action. Establish yourself as an authoritative brand and get your message across in just one minute!

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Why ExplainMySite?

Increase Conversions

Visitors are way more willing to invest time and make a purchase when engaged with an explainer video first. Hook your page visitors, increase visitor interaction and sign ups, and convert traffic into paying customers!

Educate Your Customers

Any page visitor’s first goal is to understand who you are and what you can offer them. Video aids customer understanding and connects them with your purpose. Explain the benefits of your product or service in a clear and exciting way.

Improve Your SEO

Search engines love video content and so do people. Video really helps increase visitor retention and reduce bounce rates to significantly boost a website’s pagerank and SEO.

How it Works



No one knows your business like you, so help us figure out what we need to know in order to get started.



Everything starts with the story. Our writers are great at capturing your message in a creative and original way that brings your viewers from problem to solution, and ignites a call to action.


Voice Over

Back your video with a powerful narration from a variety of experienced professionals. We can accommodate for gender, language, and accent preferences!



Our animation team will roughly sketch out the video progression. Then we’ll move to the style design and provide a complete storyboard so you know exactly what the final video will look like.



We can bring your story to life in a variety of different animation styles. Check out our portfolio to see our options and some of our past clients.


Music and Sound FX

Any video would be incomplete without sound design. We’ll find a background track that perfectly complements your message and add Sound Effects.

What our Clients Say


    I think that their videos are as good as if not better than those made by companies who charge five times as much. Also the service that I received was exceptional.

    Marnie Hill, MyActingCareer


    The quality of the video created by the team at Explain My Site exceeded our expectations and is proving to be a great way of reaching our target audience.

    Anthony Manuell, The Palmetto Group


    The team at explainmysite.com was very professional throughout all the stages of my video production. I would recommend their work to anyone looking into getting video integrated into their website

    Adrian Allier, First Rate Car Loans


    We would definitely recommend ExplainMySite… The process was outlined upfront… The turn-around time from start to finish was fantastic. We definitely plan to work with them again in the future.

    Yewande Odusanwo, Beartek


    ExplainMySite is top-notch, professional, and responsive. It was a pleasure working with them to craft a video capturing Geekatoo’s vision.

    Christian Shelton, Geekatoo


    The entire team at ExplainMySite was incredibly helpful. The quality was much better than I expected, and feedback has all been positive. Without hesitation, I would recommend ExplainMySite to anybody looking for an explainer video.

    Alan Harder, Verico ABC Mortgages

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Don’t Waste Your Website’s Potential

Video content educates your customers, increases conversions, and improves your SEO. With all the benefits you’ll receive, there’s no reason to continue missing out on this amazing marketing opportunity. Contact us today to learn more about how we can create a video to help your business get more business.

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