Share your business story with a vibrant animated explainer video

Your homepage is the one chance to make an awesome first impression for visitors that come to your website looking for answers. Explainer videos are perfect for grabbing their attention and keeping them interested. Get your message across in just minutes!

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Why ExplainMySite?

Increase Conversions

Analytics for videos we've created shows visitors are more willing to invest time and make a purchase when engaged with an explainer video first.

Educate Your Customers

Video aids customer understanding. We can explain the benefits of your product or service in an exciting and clear way.

Improve Your SEO

Video content really helps Increase visitor retention and reduce bounce rates to significantly boosts a website's pagerank and SEO.

How it Works



No one knows your business like you, so help us figure out what we need to know in order to get started.



Our writers are great at capturing an ideal script that incorporates all the creative elements your video needs. We'll get your input to make it perfect, or provide your own script if you like.


Voice Over

Back your script with a powerful narration from a variety of different experienced professionals. We can accommodate for gender, language, and accent preferences!



Our animation team will provide a rough rendering of the video progression so we can get an idea of how the video will flow and what sort of imagery we can implement.



We'll include several animation updates to keep you informed about any progress that's made and get your commentary on all aspects of production.


Music and Sound FX

The final stage of production is incorporating sound effects for your video and a background music track if you would like one. We offer several selections that will fit any style.

Recent Videos


Kinetic Typography, Vector


Kinetic Typography, Vector


Screen Animation, Cartoon

What our Clients Say


I think that their videos are as good as if not better than those made by companies who charge five times as much. Also the service that I received was exceptional.

Marnie Hill, MyActingCareer


Stop Wasting Your Website's Potential

Video content educates your customers, increases conversions, and improves your SEO. With all the benefits you'll receive from making a video with us, there's no reason to continue missing out on this amazing marketing opportunity.

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